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Finance large projects digitally, easily and efficiently with Urbyo Professional.

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With Urbyo Professional, it's easy to keep track of multiple financing processes. You can see the status directly in your dashboard. Getting started is simple: Just create a new project, add files and images, and enter basic information, borrowers, and project participants.

Various property types

We finance hotels, supermarkets, residential complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, day care centers, and many more. No matter how unusual or specific your project is, our experts will find the right bank financing for you.

Various financing models

Senior loans, project development financing, mezzanine financing, crowd-investing, inventory financing, land financing, syndicated financing, whole-loan financing, etc. are all possible.

Active support

Our senior advisors have many years of experience in supporting family offices, property companies and legal entities and are discreet in handling high financing volumes. Our sales experts support you in selling your subdivision properties via the Urbyo marketplace and in finding suitable properties to complement your portfolio.

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Looking for your next
largescale project?

With our strong connections to market participants, we always keep an eye on exciting off-market offers. Create your search profile, and we will inform you about suitable properties.

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We know the best credit institutions in Germany and will contact the most interesting providers following your approval. As soon as you have found your favorite among the most attractive offers, we handle your financing with the bank.

Commercial financing requests> 900
Average interest savings> 100.000 €
Financing volume> € 3 billion €

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